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Home for the Clumsy

I've had one of those weeks that makes me wonder if my equilibrium is off or just a bit loopy. That old southern phrase that "God protects fools and babies, of which I am both" is a little more truthful than I'd like it to be. So here are my glory stories: Last week, I decided that the Costwold England look wasn't really working for me. Between the threat of crumbling mortar and the ivy growing into the soffits, I figured that the process that I set in motion a year ago was potentially devastating to my house. The yard, side yard, driveway and backyard were so overgrown it appeared as if the house had been abandoned. So I decided to pry the ivy vines from the base of my homes' exterior. Once I had grabbed hold of three solid ivy roots, I started to back up and pull the ropes at the same time. Building up some torque as the stubborn vines started ripping from the mortar, I had gotten about 6 feet back and pu

Local Favorites

All of these photos are from Atlanta area homes that were showcased in the   Atlanta Journal Constitution . These are my favorite rooms, taken from various homes. Enjoy!

Sink or Swim

Here's a compilation of my bathroom sink obsession and tile fascination as I prepare to fix up my hall bath on a budget: I shot these images at friends' houses, in stores, hotels, a home tour, a magazine, my own house and a flea market. Some are pricey, some are not, all are inspirational in my quest to finally finish this bathroom! Will I sink or swim?...remains to be seen. By the way,  I really like this bathroom from Design Sponge . design sponge  july 21, 2010