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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Have I mentioned how much I miss my camera?

Sure it was a 7 year old Canon Powershot that had a mind of it's own some times...but I misplaced the battery and charger over a month ago and I don't even think they make that kind anymore so it made sense to save up for a new one...but until then, I miss the little thing that sat on the bottom of my purse waiting for me to randomly unleash it. Little Red (as I called her as if she could actually hear) was starting to get cloudy and severely overworked...but she was loved.
Her best quality was the ability to help me chase sunlight around the house and capture it! Oh how I admired those photos on dreary days like today...

Little Red worked some magic last winter

while I'm grateful for my Blackberry phone, it pales in comparison to Little Red.

Blackberry Curve could only shoot some grainy toilet paper in ample natural light last weekend.

All I can do is be patient. Black Friday didn't help me at all.

Please tell Santa that since I've been a very good girl, I would like a Canon 7D for Christmas, that's all.

Oh...and world peace too...That's not asking too much is it?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Full of Thanks

Thankful for the milestones and the seemingly impossible boulders over the last year. I feel humbled, blessed and hopeful. There are so many things that I am grateful for: including new and old friends, jobs that I love, a roof over my head, my little dog child for as long she decides to hang in there with me, my bff, my health, and Gods healing and redemptive power in my life!
Though I had to work today, I got to have a turkey lunch complete with cranberry sauce and stuffing. And even though my family didn't call, I know that the Lord hasn't forgotten me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, I'm thankful that I finally repaired and painted my garage doors.
Last spring, I did a little cleaning and found this wood rot but couldn't afford to do anything about it.
Other than the obvious rotting wood and branch in the roof, the cleaning did a lot of good.



The orange color was supposed to be a little more peanut butter in color. I might still change it.
When I first installed these back in 2001, my only choice was a wood composite. Now you can purchase  carriage doors made of metal which has to be much more practical than caulking and painting these suckers every 2 years! But they still look good after nearly a decade! Where did the time go?

this was my inspiration:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feathering the nest with recycled feathers!

I've been feathering my nest with things I already have around the house. I'm Not entertaining for the holiday but I'm continuing my quest to recycle, purge or give away. Here are some of the feathers in my nest, taken with my Blackberry since my camera is STILL out of commission:

I'm keeping the turkey platter and the wine decanter, though they are both empty!

I'm re-arranging furniture in the living room
( I may be moving the white sofa into the den and I'm looking for a white faux-animal hide for my conversation pit. I also need better lighting and my chair recovered...and as long as we're making of list of things I'd like to do when I have more money...make the curtain panels from the silk I bought years ago.)

found these lamps at HomeGoods but decided not to buy anything just yet.

I had these sconces stored away in a box and since I can't afford to run the electric to them I just nailed them to the wall on either side of mirror! Someone gave me the green hutschenreuther selb plate and since I've never been able to find another like it, I mounted it on the wall above the mirror. I brought the side table in from the garage and put a piece of orange fabric on it to create a side board. If you look closely you'll see 4 of my last remaining boopie glasses. I just love to say boopie!

I still have many yards of apple/gold striped silk for curtains (purchased years ago) for when ever I have the funds to actually make curtains like the ones in this magazine spread.

for the most part, it's ready for a big holiday meal (or not)!