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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Feathering the nest with recycled feathers!

I've been feathering my nest with things I already have around the house. I'm Not entertaining for the holiday but I'm continuing my quest to recycle, purge or give away. Here are some of the feathers in my nest, taken with my Blackberry since my camera is STILL out of commission:

I'm keeping the turkey platter and the wine decanter, though they are both empty!

I'm re-arranging furniture in the living room
( I may be moving the white sofa into the den and I'm looking for a white faux-animal hide for my conversation pit. I also need better lighting and my chair recovered...and as long as we're making of list of things I'd like to do when I have more money...make the curtain panels from the silk I bought years ago.)

found these lamps at HomeGoods but decided not to buy anything just yet.

I had these sconces stored away in a box and since I can't afford to run the electric to them I just nailed them to the wall on either side of mirror! Someone gave me the green hutschenreuther selb plate and since I've never been able to find another like it, I mounted it on the wall above the mirror. I brought the side table in from the garage and put a piece of orange fabric on it to create a side board. If you look closely you'll see 4 of my last remaining boopie glasses. I just love to say boopie!

I still have many yards of apple/gold striped silk for curtains (purchased years ago) for when ever I have the funds to actually make curtains like the ones in this magazine spread.

for the most part, it's ready for a big holiday meal (or not)!


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