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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Local Favorite

Tony McCray is a Jack of ALL Trades AND a MASTER of Many Talents. He is an extraordinary landscaper and curb appeal specialist.
I've known him for years and have been on the waiting list for his landscaping advice. He's a family man, has a super sweet spirit and is about the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
I recently saw some of his work and Scott's Antique Market and after catching up I dashed home to check out all the publicity about his work!
Though my pictures don't do his work any real justice...
Check it out more of his work from this post from My Notting Hill

More Scott's finds (which I would've like to take home...)

Love this!

wouldn't this make a fabulous flower bed?

So you can see that I was a bit fixated on shutters and doors this time...I'll explain in my next post, which will be much sooner than 2 weeks, I promise.

Here's what I came home with:
It's a marble and iron parlor stool. The first vendor I saw wanted $150 firm for his. I looked in my bag and said, "Can't even come close". A few minutes later I saw this, almost identical cutie sitting in the back of someone else's booth. He gladly sold it to me for $45!!!

These colorful fruit prints were $10 each.

Well, I had fun but there's more to come....stay tuned!


Bonnie said...

I love Round Top. I have never had a chance to go to the flea market, but frequently went for summer events. Love the green door and the shutters. Thanks for letting me tag along and ooh and aah!

glorystory said...

Oh Bonnie, there was so much pretty stuff! So glad I only went equipped with a certain [small] amount....that made me move on very quickly. Window shopping is so much easier when money isn't burning a hole in your pocket!

But I came away with some good ideas!