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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Thelma & Louise

My BFF and I decided to take a long ride to her country house. Another friend had just purchased this vintage car and we joked about taking it on a joy ride like Thelma & Louise. 
Unfortunately, we aren't that daring! Instead we had a quiet ride in an a/c equipped suv and stopped by a Cracker Barrel and tried to stir up some trouble with the gag gifts.

gorgeous farm land

love the delicate patina and weathering on this house...

 perfect vintage farm house style

We stayed over one night at her daughter's house. She has a great sense of style too!

Then we went back to the country house early the next morning to take some pictures.

an old wagon wheel that a tree grew into.

good bye for now country house!

On the way home we saw some lazy cows

and a beautiful old mansion with a ton of ferns!

Even though we didn't light anything on fire or drive over a cliff we had a really great time!
Thanks for all of our hostesses along the way. Enjoyed the country air!


Bonnie said...

Your pictures are wonderful! You truly captured the character of the "country house". Thanks for taking us along.

glorystory said...

Had a great time but wished I could've taken my little doggie along.