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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ugly Duckling turns into Swan (story of my life)

this nasty old thing had been sitting in a damp basement for over 40 years and in my dirty garage for 8 years. The velvet was rubbing off, it was tired, tattered and old, but I held on to it because it belonged to my great grandfather and I thought it had potential. 8 years ago my idea was to completely cover it in a leather pelt that I bought, but life happened and I laid all of those plans aside. With the recent sale of the sofas in my den, I used the new funds to have this chair recovered and a cushion made for my other club chair. I unpacked all of the old decorating things, including the cowhide, and set up my new conversation pit by the fireplace 
(last week it almost got cold enough to start a fire!).


It's so comfortable and practical and I love that fact that it's a little quirky. I had enough leather left over to make pillows but decided it wasn't really necessary. The Ottoman/Table will be a great place to prop up the feet by the fire!

Here's my mood board of images:



I like them so much I've decided to call them my Grandma & Grandpa chairs!


Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Challenge

I experienced FOUR major milestones last weekend:
  • My 25th reunion
  • My sister's graduation
  • Reaching the midway point of my weight loss goal
  • Finishing the hall bathroom in time for a house guest!
My reunion was full of activities and catching up with new and old friends. I had a blast!

My sister graduated from the same college I attended so our reunion years will occur at the same time! She is off to graduate school and I am very proud of her!

Through a lot of hard work and determination, I managed to loose a large chunk of weight (exactly half of what my goal is). Not only do I have a lot more energy, I feel so much better (I'm still battling some chronic pain, but I'm working through it). Time to get focused on my end goal!

We completed the bathroom nearly 6 hours before my guest arrived, working without benefit of sleep to touch up and arrange things. The bathroom vanity delivery is delayed so we used a pedestal sink in the meantime.

So, I think it's safe to say, I need a little R&R. But I am thanking God for such a terrific week and weekend!


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Momma's Day.

My fur child didn't make me any breakfast or get me a card, but she patiently watch while I planted these red flowers and she went out into the yard and rolled in some weeds yesterday which is probably why I had this dream:
had a dream last night that mom was re-organizing my closet and underwear drawer. "I miss that, among other things", I said. In the dream we somehow ended up sitting by the japanese maple tree I had given her as a mother's day present many years ago (now transplanted to my backyard). "I haven't killed it yet!", I said, as we watched my dog roll around in some weeds until she looked like a tumbleweed with eyes... we both laughed out loud! Though I had a million questions for her, all I really wanted was to hear her laugh again. Then I woke up. nice dream.

Besides that, the bathroom is almost done. I'll have an update soon!

missing my mommy, who's been gone for nearly 8 years.

Monday, May 2, 2011

I need a bath

How else can I tell you?

The bath and toilet are on the deck, the wallpaper is down, the sink is in the garage...and it's time!
7 years of planning, the distractions of life and stalling has finally come to a
very necessary end.



My inspiration:

more to come!