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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ugly Duckling turns into Swan (story of my life)

this nasty old thing had been sitting in a damp basement for over 40 years and in my dirty garage for 8 years. The velvet was rubbing off, it was tired, tattered and old, but I held on to it because it belonged to my great grandfather and I thought it had potential. 8 years ago my idea was to completely cover it in a leather pelt that I bought, but life happened and I laid all of those plans aside. With the recent sale of the sofas in my den, I used the new funds to have this chair recovered and a cushion made for my other club chair. I unpacked all of the old decorating things, including the cowhide, and set up my new conversation pit by the fireplace 
(last week it almost got cold enough to start a fire!).


It's so comfortable and practical and I love that fact that it's a little quirky. I had enough leather left over to make pillows but decided it wasn't really necessary. The Ottoman/Table will be a great place to prop up the feet by the fire!

Here's my mood board of images:



I like them so much I've decided to call them my Grandma & Grandpa chairs!


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