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Monday, May 16, 2011

Design Challenge

I experienced FOUR major milestones last weekend:
  • My 25th reunion
  • My sister's graduation
  • Reaching the midway point of my weight loss goal
  • Finishing the hall bathroom in time for a house guest!
My reunion was full of activities and catching up with new and old friends. I had a blast!

My sister graduated from the same college I attended so our reunion years will occur at the same time! She is off to graduate school and I am very proud of her!

Through a lot of hard work and determination, I managed to loose a large chunk of weight (exactly half of what my goal is). Not only do I have a lot more energy, I feel so much better (I'm still battling some chronic pain, but I'm working through it). Time to get focused on my end goal!

We completed the bathroom nearly 6 hours before my guest arrived, working without benefit of sleep to touch up and arrange things. The bathroom vanity delivery is delayed so we used a pedestal sink in the meantime.

So, I think it's safe to say, I need a little R&R. But I am thanking God for such a terrific week and weekend!


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