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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Post About Nothing At All

I usually post something on Saturdays but I have a full plate of brain fog on a day when I really need to be UBER productive. 
Instead, I've been chasing sunlight and sanity like it was a greased pig.

Blessings to you for a prosperous week, while I attempt to bring some closure on a few things.
I've been wondering if I'm ready to move on to the next chapter of my life,

and what choices I'll make,

 and if they'll be seasoned with wisdom,

or just more of the same.

Will I still find moments of soft dappled sunlight,

or Will I shrivel up like a crunchy gardenia leaf?

I believe this time of pruning will lead to a time of personal growth.

I still have hope in things unseen.

stay tuned...

Saturday, July 24, 2010

as far as I know, dreaming is still free...

you can see more of this house plan designed by Historical concepts, here, then click lowcountry, and look for 27 aiken street

palmetto bluff

2008 HGTV Beach House giveaway 

[disclaimer: none of these HGTV photos actually go together with the houses above, I'm just using my imagination]

2008 HGTV Beach House giveaway 

2008 HGTV Beach House giveaway 

2008 HGTV Beach House giveaway 

2008 HGTV Beach House giveaway 

Firepit, Inn at Palmetto Bluff
fire pit at the Inn is similar to what I want to do in my sketch 

Palmetto Bluff Church
chapel in Palmetto Bluff square

glorious pile 

so, I have like $30 until my next paycheck and I've seen a lot of my dreams go up in smoke lately, and others, though they seem impossible, are still in the back of my 
mind, like maybe I could do that one day?
From time to time, as a mini vacation from my busy-ness, I like to dream about a house (even a tiny house) near the beach. Parking my beach chair and umbrella down near the sea, I imagine digging my feet into the cool damp sand and taking a huge exhale. 
And since it cost nothing to dream, 
I'll take as much as I can carry and a slice of coconut cake too!

it's my version of 'eat, pray, love'

also, see my sketch on the previous post

nice sunlight photo at Palmetto Bluff, for the source: click here

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Tiny Houses


Heating, cooling, cleaning and maintaining a large house can take a lot of time and resources.
When I think of my dream home, I don't imagine all of the rooms and space, since I can only be in one room at a time. I like the idea of consuming less and living simple. Perhaps near the beach, in a small enclave of rental cottages with a communal area. Which is why these little houses by the Tumbleweed company really thrill me. I've been collecting research over the years and I also like the Marianne Cusatto cottages that were designed for the Katrina Storm victims and were available at Lowe's hardware store at one point in time.

Talk about tiny portable houses! Remember the floating house in "UP" the animated movie?



bet this could float away with balloons tied to it!

sebastarosa (my favorite)

Imagine 4 little cottages with a courtyard in between where everyone gathers for coffee and breakfast each morning and roasting marshmallows at night? reminds me of summer camp, only not as rustic!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shiny Happy People

artist unknown

sometimes I like to stare at this painting and imagine that I'm horse back riding in a pasture just listening to birds sing and the wind blow through the trees.

I got some bad news yesterday: the writing project that I've been working on was rejected and I will have to start all over again and finish it in 2 weeks. They won't let me salvage the old one, even though they've been approving bits and pieces along the way. God help me, I am devastated.
But I can't give up on it just yet. Though I feel like re-writing in less than 2 weeks is like forcing an elephant through the eye of a needle,
I just can't give up that easily.
Just when I saw the horizon in sight, it was snatched out from under me. But, isn't that what Faith is? The absence of things seen? Absence of a reasonable, logical outcome? Absence of a fail-safe back up plan so you can rely on the one who is in complete control anyway?

Truth is that I'm looking at my circumstances and I'm overwhelmed trying to think of ways to resolve them, but if I look at my circumstances through the lens of God, they don't seem so intimidating. My relationship with God is more important than this goal or these things, and that's where my focus should be. I'll do my best and have faith for the rest.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

a place for everything

I adore this photo which is the cover of Home & Design Magazine
There's a place for everything, even the dog! 
I realized that I have some things that I could put in a built-in like that (but I would have to work at building a collection that's as colorful and flawless as in this photo).
I will definitely have something like this in my imaginary beach house

Here are some things from my mediocre collection:

It's the real McCoy, I bought years ago. Don't you just love the crackled glaze on it?!
click right on the photo to get closer

love this vase, can't remember where I got it

found this at a tag sale on capitol hill, 15 yrs ago

reproduction soup tureen

my cow painting by Shannon Smith

and my sweet puppy dog on a remnant of fabric.

love the lighting inside this butlers pantry too

maybe one day I'll get around to just painting the back wall of my own butler's pantry and calling it a day!

until then, I'll keep dreaming 
(and keeping my mis-matched dishes in plain site).

BTW, I'm almost done with my year long project (just 2 weeks away)! WOOHOO!
I've been writing and editing like a fool! I've been listening to french music as I imagine that my office is  overlooking the beach (like in 'Somethings Gotta Give)!

I stopped down only to finish another short freelance project, get prepared for the 2 classes I'm teaching during summer quarter, and take a workshop on creating a blog in Wordpress (very impressive but I have to say, I love the ease of working in Blogger land).

Here's the words to one of the french songs, 'Que reste-t-il de nos amours':

I borrowed this photo from Hooked on Houses and Cote-de-Texas after I learned that my secret obsession for the 'Something's Gotta Give' House is shared by many in the blogosphere! 
But I'll have to write more about that later...

ok, it's a bit of a stretch from the movie set...
and the atlantic ocean is Not outside my window. 
Just a dried up pond and some freakin' kudzu...