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Saturday, July 10, 2010

a place for everything

I adore this photo which is the cover of Home & Design Magazine
There's a place for everything, even the dog! 
I realized that I have some things that I could put in a built-in like that (but I would have to work at building a collection that's as colorful and flawless as in this photo).
I will definitely have something like this in my imaginary beach house

Here are some things from my mediocre collection:

It's the real McCoy, I bought years ago. Don't you just love the crackled glaze on it?!
click right on the photo to get closer

love this vase, can't remember where I got it

found this at a tag sale on capitol hill, 15 yrs ago

reproduction soup tureen

my cow painting by Shannon Smith

and my sweet puppy dog on a remnant of fabric.

love the lighting inside this butlers pantry too

maybe one day I'll get around to just painting the back wall of my own butler's pantry and calling it a day!

until then, I'll keep dreaming 
(and keeping my mis-matched dishes in plain site).

BTW, I'm almost done with my year long project (just 2 weeks away)! WOOHOO!
I've been writing and editing like a fool! I've been listening to french music as I imagine that my office is  overlooking the beach (like in 'Somethings Gotta Give)!

I stopped down only to finish another short freelance project, get prepared for the 2 classes I'm teaching during summer quarter, and take a workshop on creating a blog in Wordpress (very impressive but I have to say, I love the ease of working in Blogger land).

Here's the words to one of the french songs, 'Que reste-t-il de nos amours':

I borrowed this photo from Hooked on Houses and Cote-de-Texas after I learned that my secret obsession for the 'Something's Gotta Give' House is shared by many in the blogosphere! 
But I'll have to write more about that later...

ok, it's a bit of a stretch from the movie set...
and the atlantic ocean is Not outside my window. 
Just a dried up pond and some freakin' kudzu...

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Haven and Home said...

Love that first image, the styling is amazing!