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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shiny Happy People

artist unknown

sometimes I like to stare at this painting and imagine that I'm horse back riding in a pasture just listening to birds sing and the wind blow through the trees.

I got some bad news yesterday: the writing project that I've been working on was rejected and I will have to start all over again and finish it in 2 weeks. They won't let me salvage the old one, even though they've been approving bits and pieces along the way. God help me, I am devastated.
But I can't give up on it just yet. Though I feel like re-writing in less than 2 weeks is like forcing an elephant through the eye of a needle,
I just can't give up that easily.
Just when I saw the horizon in sight, it was snatched out from under me. But, isn't that what Faith is? The absence of things seen? Absence of a reasonable, logical outcome? Absence of a fail-safe back up plan so you can rely on the one who is in complete control anyway?

Truth is that I'm looking at my circumstances and I'm overwhelmed trying to think of ways to resolve them, but if I look at my circumstances through the lens of God, they don't seem so intimidating. My relationship with God is more important than this goal or these things, and that's where my focus should be. I'll do my best and have faith for the rest.

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