Full of Thanks

Thankful for the milestones and the seemingly impossible boulders over the last year. I feel humbled, blessed and hopeful. There are so many things that I am grateful for: including new and old friends, jobs that I love, a roof over my head, my little dog child for as long she decides to hang in there with me, my bff, my health, and Gods healing and redemptive power in my life!
Though I had to work today, I got to have a turkey lunch complete with cranberry sauce and stuffing. And even though my family didn't call, I know that the Lord hasn't forgotten me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, I'm thankful that I finally repaired and painted my garage doors.
Last spring, I did a little cleaning and found this wood rot but couldn't afford to do anything about it.
Other than the obvious rotting wood and branch in the roof, the cleaning did a lot of good.



The orange color was supposed to be a little more peanut butter in color. I might still change it.
When I first installed these back in 2001, my only choice was a wood composite. Now you can purchase  carriage doors made of metal which has to be much more practical than caulking and painting these suckers every 2 years! But they still look good after nearly a decade! Where did the time go?

this was my inspiration:


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