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Sunday, May 9, 2010

mothers day.

Happy Mother's day to all of those mommas, past and present,  and the hard work that you do. And thinking about all those who aren't mommies: We're special too!

It was a gorgeous day and my mint and roses were in full tilt...actually they are transplants from my mom and grandmothers garden. It's as if they wanted me to see them and know that they are doing just fine!

during my morning walk I came across this cutie (I drive by it on a regular basis)

kinda reninds me of IHOP!

cool door, awning and shutters

garage doors of an abandoned building

sweet neglected light fixture

tin ceiling tiles and brackets

chicken wire security door and scrolly awning brackets

'mi piace' the roof tiles

This little place is an old gas station in my town. I love all of it's little details. Wouldn't be a great bistro? How about a drive thru organic coffee shop/farm stand/craft boutique or maybe my next residence?!

(if my mom were alive, she'd say, 'what are you daydreaming about now, sugar?')

I know! What the heck am I talking about, I'm No entrepreneur!?
I can barely manage my own little house drama, let alone a business, but I sure do like to DREAM...

In Fact, Filler Up!

Look at similar gas stations in: Hart, GA,   Wabash, IA,   Creston, IA,   Paducah, KY,   Minerva, OH,   Emmet, WI   and this one has been turned into an internet company

This is not a gas station but a residence in Savannah, GA

I found this bungalow is in Savannah last summer as I was walking around. Something about that crisp white clap board, red standing seam roof and the fancy corbels ....well, it prompted me to stop and say 'Ooooo' out loud! 

a cute house in the neighborhood


Cynthia said...

I grew up in that area but I am not old enough to remember it being a gas station. When I was in middle school, I loved that building too. It was an antique store when I was in high school called 'Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe', like the Dickens' book.

Don't buy without verification that they have removed the underground gas tanks. That may be why they are selling, to push the problem(s) off on someone else.

glorystory said...

good point! that's probably why it hasn't sold in 30 years.