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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zero Budget D.I.Y.

It Cost Absolutely Nothing to Dream!

So I'm tired of making excuses about my old timey orange bathroom. I have house guests coming in two weeks and we'll be doing the bathroom shuffle. My house has two baths but the hall bathroom has been in a state of transition since 2007 when I sold the old sink and attempted to take the wall paper down. The toilet and claw foot tub work fine but the two layers of partially ripped down wall paper and resulting exposed plaster make me wince.
I have a beautiful brass shower sprayer from Sign of the Crab that's been sitting quietly in it's box for 5 years (back when I had a six-figure job and six-figure dreams to match). I also have a cherrywood sink base that I purchased 7 years ago when Floor & Decor went out of business (I never bought the sink top because I thought I'd create something much more interesting with marble...never got around to it). I really need lots of storage in there so a pedestal isn't practical, but might have been cheaper in the long run.

My funds are extremely low so I have to get creative with my renovation. I've got to do everything myself, including the plumbing and painting, using the resources that I have available to me.
The good thing is that my pack rat tendencies have provided for much of the renovation supplies: from primer, tile, a sink and faucet, light fixtures, plaster, stain, towel bars, etc. There are a couple of things that I still need to get so a garage sale of my other crap may provide the funds (or some clever bartering).

One of my friends says that shiny brass is "So 1980's", but I can't even attempt to sell and re-purchase ALL of my plumbing and fixtures in Chrome or even Nickel. I've seen some techniques for transforming metals but the thought of that makes my head swim! (will this get done before 2020?)

Anyway, transforming my bathroom in Photoshop was completely FREE! So until I learn Google Sketchup, here's my attempt to rectify the problem.

Sign of the Crab
Kohler Faucet
Ballard Wall Mirror I like
$70 Lowe's Knock-off
Anthropologie Mirror I like
Nice Bathroom Tile
Affordable Version of that tile
Wall Art
I already have something like this iron wall art
Monogrammed Linens
Elegant Wainscotting

Other Inspiration:
Mrs Limestone
My Home Ideas
It's great to be home
Things That Inspire Post about Bathrooms

and of course, my favorite pile of blogs over there --------->

If you care to make a comment please be mindful of my zero budget. I love suggestions but the ones that cost $$ just aren't practical for me at this point. 
Thanks & Blessings, Y'all.

Ooooo, look at this from the Cococozy blog!!


hope to brighten up this scene and enjoy a long peaceful soak in the tub!

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glorystory said...

after reading this I think it's official: I justify my hoarding by saying "I might need that someday" and someday rarely comes. I really do have everything and the kitchen sink sitting in the garage...