DONE! Check that one off the list!

For years I've tried to fix up this bathroom on my own so I could at least have guests over without cringing. 
When I really needed a roommate I couldn't do it because I didn't have the funds to complete it.
So I've been saving since last August and I FINALLY finished it! Most of what you see I have hoarded for close to 7 years so I really didn't have to buy anything new, I just needed the physical labor to do the hard stuff and an impossible deadline to motivate me. (I almost made the deadline: my college friend came to visit 3 weeks ago but the final sink wasn't completed yet, so we used a temporary one until the final one was delivered).

Forgive me for this post being so dis-jointed! I've jumped the gun and posted pics during my process and now there's so many that should sit side-by-side, from my research, inspiration, before and after that I haven't had time to organize them all. So if you have some time to kill, click on the links and catch a glimpse of the cob webs in my mind!

Just so you know, I had NOTHING to do with the BEFORE...I bought the house that way and just added towels.

Besides that,
I am very pleased with the final results but it's been a long hard road to get here!

click on the photo to make it larger


mirror from Ballards Back Room, given to me by a friend!

I've literally had this sink base since 2001 when a store, that is no longer in business, liquidated everything. It was the perfect depth for the space but I didn't like the sink top because I thought I could have something unique made out of marble...duh!! It took me years to be convinced that I couldn't find a cheaper solution and then more time to scour the internet for that original sink top!

This faucet started the whole process many years ago when I wanted to add a shower attachment to my claw foot tub. It's been sitting in a box for all that time while I figured out how to cover the wallpapered walls behind it and the wood floor up under it. In addition to sitting in the cradle, it can also be placed on  a hook, higher up on the wall for an over head shower.
(for money's sake I decided to keep with the brass finish of all of the towel bars and toilet hardware. I know I can perform some tricks on it to get rid of the 'shiny brass' look of the 80's but I kinda like it's warmth. Besides, I'm not trying to keep up with the Joneses!)

toilet pull and sink faucet purchased from Ebay and stored away until the perfect time!

mirror over sink: Lowe's (hoarded for a little over a year)
shower curtains: Home Good's (hoarded for 8 months)
shower curtain rings: Target
light fixtures: a store that is no longer in business (purchased in 2001)


2 layers of wall paper later...

mangy dog: priceless

click here for More of the Process

 right after a good priming (notice my shot list on the door!)
so simple, clean and serene...

little red is starting to loose focus...
love the light in this one.

air duct before and after! (so many details)

Bath Fan 

 found a square shade at Home Goods that wasn't attached to a lamp. Got it for $6 and secured it to the bath fan vents so that the light and vapors can pass through. Thinking about adding black runching around the edge to mimic the curtains or something similar to the shades on the sconces.

More of my Inspiration:

These shots above are from my buddy Troy's house that recently sold

also from Pinterest

And let's not forget some extensive research that I've been doing with my little red camera:



I think I went with Behr 'Tide Pools' for the walls...
it was the closest match to my vase.

Many thanks to Eric the plumber, my buddies Troy and Ann for keeping me motivated and of course, 
Many thanks God for His provision and mercy!



Roeshel said…
WOW! It's gorgeous! I love that you saved and collected things over time (we do the same since home improvement budget is usually tight). I love how detailed your post is with the entire process! Now that's my kind of before and after!!! I'm "showing off" your bathroom and other projects tomorrow morning! ;)

Thank you so much for sharing your awesome DIY!

deb said…
Looks wonderfult and who cares whether it's brass - I wouldn't (care, that is)!
Looks great! I'm freaturing your blog today over at Beach Bungalow.

Mallorie said…
That's beautiful! I am SO IMPRESSED!!!! Love your blog! :-)

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