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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Modern Home Tour

I was a docent at this house for the 2011 Modern Home Tour. The owners bought the back area of a church lot and in the process had to take down several white oak trees, which were later planed into the flooring for the entire house!
I really enjoyed my experience, and the homeowners and architects were extremely interesting. 
I made it to all of the houses on the tour except for one.
This might have to be something I do every year to keep my design eyes open and as a way to meet people.
Here are some of my pictures:

I always want to ask a modern home owner this very important question,
"where do you hide your clutter!?"


btw, For me, this is the perfect mix of contemporary and vintage! I feel like expanding my attic just so that I can have a room that looks like this!

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