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Sunday, February 20, 2011

No quite ready for Spring Cleaning

During my "One room per week" cleaning routine, I managed to clean the Kitchen and Den in 2 weekends. Mind you, they hadn't experienced a deep cleaning overhaul in many many moons, so hours went into cleaning them. As an added benefit, the weather was nice enough to open the doors and windows, play some french music, wash some clothes, recycle, bake some salmon steaks AND sort out tax stuff all at the same time! Judging from the contents of the vacuum and discarded dust cloths, I'll be breathing a bit better too. Maybe it's seasonal affective disorder or just being over-worked, but I just haven't had the time to put things back where they came from. It might not look like a huge difference to you but trust me, I'm so relieved that part of my home is functioning better because it's cleaner. At some point I'll want to wash the walls down, paint and do a deep tissue cleaning on the place. But for now,  I got a thermal blanket for my hot water heater and new filter for the furnace, scrubbed some the floors with Murphy's oil soap and blew some leaves off the deck! Whew! Can't wait 'til spring!?



I'm too embarrassed to show you a before picture of this room! It's a work in progress...

but my honey badger don't care, as long as it's comfortable.

btw, wouldn't one of these 3 amigos look splendid in my den? So sunny, warm & comfy looking!

I covered these pansies up with blankets during each of the snow/ice storms. They were withered and looked like they'd never survive but I continued to feed and water them regularly. 
Seems like they appreciated that because they're so lovely now. 
(Bluebird is Not real)

have a spectacular week!

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