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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite Saturday Outfit

When my nephew was just a little tike his mommy dressed him in a sharp chambray shirt, cuffed jeans (big enough to fit over the diaper bulge) and a fleece vest. My little sweetie pie wore that most Saturdays as he scooted about the house or out on the town (sometimes with his miniature hiking boots on). Who could blame him? Everybody has a favorite Saturday outfit: something comfy cozy, yet stylish and casual!

Well for me it's this! 
I shot this picture as I was trying on the grey sweater at my favorite boutique, Le Mar Shalls, because the mirror is so much bigger than mine at home.

down vest: a gift from my nephews' mommy, Lands End 
5 y.o. cashmere hoodie: TJMaxx
belt: Walmart ;-)
jeans: skinny from H&M
shoes and watch: Targee'

Okay, although they're very comfortable, the jeans look a little tight but in my defense, I am still working on reducing my weight, (47 so far, 13 more to go! can't do enough squats, lunges and leg presses to save my life!)
Bonus points on the vest from my sister (Christmas present 2 yrs ago ) was snug then, now it needs to be taken in, but I love all the pockets and the brown color with my green sweater!


come to think of it, my short turkey drumstick thighs are actually quite embarrassing! I'll keep the outfit and change out the jeans until further notice!

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