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Saturday, January 21, 2012

How a 4 y.o. deals with loss

I recently attended the funeral of 65 year old woman who had been diagnosed with lung and liver cancer 20 days prior to her passing. I visited her in the hospital just a few days before.

Although I didn't know her very well, she was nearly a sister to one of my closest friends, and I spent last Christmas with them. Her 4 year old grandson attended the memorial service and insisted that he give her toy because she had always been so generous to him. During the service Buzz Lightyear sat atop the urn, along with some sweet drawings by the youngster. 
Her college friends (whom were all a part of a choral group) sang "Angels watching over me" and "The Lord Bless you and Keep you"

After the service was over Buzz was placed inside the urn so that he could 'go with her to see Jesus'. The little guy wasn't 'sad', he said, 'she's having a good time and she's happy now'...then he did some cartwheels down the isle after most of the guests had moved out into the lobby.

Children have a way of dealing with loss AND with life.
Regarding how quickly disease took my friend's life, just months before her retirement, I've decided to  take some cues from the little guy and do some cartwheels to enjoy my life just the way it is before I go to be with Jesus (and Buzz Lightyear)!
Carpe Diem.

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