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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Have a Memorable Memorial Day

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Blueberries, watermelon and feta?

I made this instead. 
My banana stars were a little mushy but I was determined to make a 'refined sugar free' desert! 
What isn't eaten will be frozen for future smoothies!

2 packages of strawberries
3 bananas
1 package of blueberries
1 lemon or lemon juice
1 white serving platter (rectangular, mine is 16" x 11")
1 square bowl (mine is a 6" square Glad re-useable container)

Wash your blueberries thoroughly and put them in a square container that's small enough to fit within your white serving platter.
Slice the green leaves off of your strawberries, then slice them so that you get the maximum red outside area (save the pinker insides to freeze for a smoothie!).
Arrange your red stripes.
Peel and slice your bananas 1/4" thick.
Arrange your white stripes.
Squeeze lemon juice over the bananas so that they won't brown.
Quarter a few of your banana slices and throw them into the blueberry bowl for stars.

And You're DONE!

Artificial Sugar Free! Let someone else bring the cake and ice cream!

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              working to create a memorable weekend holiday...

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