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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Heaven Knows...

Heaven Knows cancer has taken some loved ones and some celebrities lately. It's a devastating disease that seems to be striking people of all age groups. But I'm not here to bring you down. I just want to celebrate the life and talents of one gifted woman: Donna Summer.
Sure, she got a bad rap as a sultry and controversial singer from the disco era, then withdrew from the limelight for a while. But her poise, faith and ability to entertain are legendary.
Her songs reminded me of my childhood and all the glamorous stars of the 80's.

Donna Summer-like Style


Donna Summer was married to Bruce Sudano, who was the father of her youngest daughter, Amanda Grace. 
The video for the song "It's Her Wedding Day" which was written and performed by Bruce Sudano for Amanda Grace, was filmed at the Florida home (where she later died).
and includes scenes from the wedding. Daughters Mimi and Brooklyn are also in the video.

Very Sweet.

Rest in Peace Donna and Everyone that has lost the battle to cancer.


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