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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Quest for A Garden Seat

You know how those magazine layouts of the rooms you love always seem to have subtle touches that just make them special? I've often noticed a little drum like ceramic stool that serves as a cocktail side table, seat or accent piece in a room. But since I renovated my master bath a number of years ago, I've been searching for the perfect shower seat. Not the old lady plastic kind or the teak seat that will eventually fall apart, but something small, durable and stylish that I can sit on and meditate in my steam shower. Well after a long search I finally figured out that I wanted what's called a garden seat. So the quest turned to finding one that was affordable!

here's a garden variety of shapes, textures and colors

pottery barn

this is exactly what I wanted to do with a garden seat...
Put it in the shower!

Ballard had some in fun colors but the price was more than I could afford.

this is a great color but not so great price.

I did a search on and came up with these...

these are from Cococozy

My search yielded many nice styles with prices ranging from $75 - $725!

imagine my surprise when I went into a store looking for inexpensive ear muffs and found this white garden seat just waiting for me!  a color would have been nice but I did Not hesitate at the price.
IT WAS $23.99 AT ROSS!
that's right, twenty-four U.S. dollars, right up my tight budget alley!
 and I really love it!
(my camera phone doesn't do it justice)


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