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Saturday, November 26, 2011

It was just my imagination...

Imagine This

On This

With a sip of this

Sitting Here

Or Here

with a big slice of this
                                                                     Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

                                                      with a cup of this, snuggled in this
                                                                   Source: via Harper on Pinterest

                                                                      wearing this
                                                                  Source: via glorious on Pinterest

                                                              Warmed up by this

                                                          Source: via seleta on Pinterest

                                                           Doing This

                                                                     Source: via Samantha on Pinterest

                         Well, I did none of that, because I was working, 
              but I still got to do a little of this

                                                                 Source: via glorious on Pinterest

                                Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving 
                    or that you have a really great imagination!

The Temptations Just My Imagination

I actually went to a good friends house after work, had an excellent meal with pie afterwards! 
Then I went to visit some more dear friends after a very long drive in my new car! 
so thankful is an understatement!

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