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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Spring Break For the Older Crowd.

I had an awesome Spring Break!
My BFF and I looked at Antiques, went to the beach and the river for a moment and I made some new friends.

Basically my spring break started like this:

and ended like this:

With some stress And fun mixed in between!

My Prince Valiant!

 sorry, I dislike pictures of food unless they are done by a food stylist and professional photographer but my friend's lunch looked so yummy I couldn't resist!

neither could they!

 The Glorious Pile © 2012

Okay, I was plotting what I would do if I just won a percentage of that Mega Million!

But I think I may have to settle for the portable beach house above.

didn't see any!

did some antique window shopping then headed home.

I had my first annual physical in a very long time!
Until recently, I was one of those Americans without health insurance. I'm thanking God for preserving my health during that time, and for the pleasant visit I had (praying that the blood tests and x-rays don't reveal anything unpleasant, except for the fact that I'm getting older).

Back at home, I attempted to make things as Beachy as possible!
the sound of the washing machine is similar to the crashing waves at Tybee...
maybe not?

Back to Work!

 The Glorious Pile © 2012


Bonnie said...

Your pictures are lovely. I am glad your physical went well and that you had a restful holiday. I think we all were daydreaming about the mega million draw. Alas, there is always next time. Have a wonderful Sunday. Bonnie

glorystory said...

Thanks Bonnie, Hope you had a great Palm Sunday!