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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home for 14 years!

   From The Glorious Pile
         (momma loves you)

Hello little house, it's been 14 years since I signed the papers, got the keys and opened your door for the first time. You were freshly painted and groomed. Sunlight streamed through your un-curtained windows and the first thing I did was put my grandmother's portrait up on the mantle. She had passed away earlier that year and when I found you I knew she would approve. I promptly pulled up your tattered green carpet that hadn't budged in 20 years. Your vinyl wallpaper, 4 bedrooms and 2 baths were so quaint and dainty that I almost wanted to leave everything in tact. I had never lived in a house so big in my adult life, certainly not by myself. You weren't my first property but certainly my first free standing house.

When I sat down next to the fireplace I imagined what the previous owners were like and I wondered what you and I would be like years later. 
Then the fear of being another homeowner came over me...should I have gotten a 15 year loan? Should I replace the furnace? Should I get an alarm? 
But, I was tickled pink with all of your beauty AND your flaws.
14 years later, I'm still enamored with you. You make me feel safe, You have remained solid and stable even in the midst of storms, floods, killer ivy, terrorist threat, construction, graduate school, roommates, squirrels, modifications and the death of a loved one. We've been through some changes, you and I, but we just get better with age.

I don't take care of you nearly as much as I should but I just wanted to thank you for standing beside me for the last 14 years. If I had gotten that 15 year loan, you'd be nearly paid off by now. 
No worries though, each re-finance gave me the opportunity to enhance your living space and I will gladly work well into my old age to pay you off. 
You are worth every single penny.

Many thanks to my creator who led me to you and has made a way for us to stay together this long.
This blog is dedicated to you, giving you thanks for my glorious pile of bricks.


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