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Monday, September 5, 2011

Note to self: Boots are Better than Fries!

                                                                Source: via Breezell on Pinterest

Remember when you were 11 and your mom took you to get a Happy Meal when you got a good grade in school? 
That's Never gonna happen again!
Literally...I will Not reward myself with Food!
I have something better:
Freedom, Life, Energy and...Fashion!

As soon as I saw the scale go 40 lbs. lighter and my BMI waltz out of the 'overweight' category, I measured my calves and did a Pinterest search for some leather boots! Last year I was too fat for boots that didn't have the expanding elastic panel and couldn't find any genuine leather boots that I could afford so I started a style board of my wish list.

Here it is:

Then I got paid for a freelance job And found these on Etsy:

Click, click, click...and now they're MINE!!!! 
Yes, they are used and there's a little wear and tear on them.
(the lining is falling apart and appears very dusty but other than that I never want to take them off)

I know, it's vain and has no lasting value. I could be helping to feed a homeless family or paying my bills. But I've also bagged up a pile of my 'larger' clothing to give away and not look back.

Today was a perfect boot wearing day! I wore a deep purple dress and a flowy knit cover up like the combo on the right (no tights just yet, it's still only 62 degrees out)...

Since I still need to loose 20 more pounds I've got some incentive to hang over my head for that milestone:

Source: via glorious on Pinterest

alright, maybe Not this but something like it, in pleather, for $12.99 at the thrift store?!...

Big Buddah handbag: ebay
poncho: old (can't remember where)
jeggings: old navy, last year
long sleeve t-shirt: target

Bring On the Cool Autumn weather, Hold the Fries!


lala said...

Love the boots. CONGRATULATIONS on your weight loss - it must be so rewarding to step on the scale - see your weight - and know that all of your hard work is paying off. Be very, very proud of yourself.

glorystory said...

Thank You so much!
It's an incredible feeling though somewhat bittersweet. I still remember the pain and frustration of not being able to loose a pound for over 7 years. Combine that with constant criticism from my family, I felt resistant to weight loss and had accepted my weight and physical pain as my lot in life. It's been hard to give away the 'bigger' clothes and reward myself with something new because it still seems surreal, except for when I pinch myself, I'm pinching a lot less!