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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Attempt to De-Clutter with a Non-deadly weapon

In the past two weeks I've attempted to de-clutter my house from the mountain of mess that I've created over the last 6 months. I'm ashamed to mention the things that I discovered along the way, things that would probably qualify me for TLC Hoarders. With sheer determination and a broom I tackled the dust, the unopened bills, the piles of things that I need to sort, donate, sell or throw away.

Last weekend I hosted an impromptu family reunion and quickly had to hide things in the hopes of finding them again.

At first, the thought of having 10 family members descend on me at once, seemed like a nightmare, but it actually caused me to get some things clean (and also shoved some things in closets and the garage to deal with later ;-)

Anyway, I sold some stuff on ebay and craigslist and I'm still attempting to rid my house of unnecessary junk. If you see something you want, make me an offer!

(an inglorious pile of junk that took up nearly 200 sq. ft. of floor space)

(now I can scoot my chair all around the floor! woo hoo!)

um, I have to say this picture is still a shambled mess....I might need to go all 'Monk' on it!



(I'm gonna refinish that chest of drawers to use in my office area or as a tv console in the other part of the room, it's great storage)

I want to sell these too and lighten up a bit.

(the rug, sofa and club chair are all for sale!)

Oh, every time I look at these I cringe! I can't wait to get rid of these turds and get something like a white ektorp! I'll post my mood board soon!

I'm selling this Ballard Design's iron mirror frame too

never got around to adding mirror or cork board to it like in the catalog.
UPDATE: re-purposed this item! will show a pic soon...


wore these 1 time, to a wedding, and put them back in the box. so I'm parting with these too:

okay, so I'm not a fashionista...never pretended to be, but someone might like this stuff!

re-purposed for garage storage! (that's using my noodle)

just trying to sell a little at a time.


This is a sad story about a young woman who almost buried herself alive in her own junk. 
The bad thing is that no one noticed that she had not been seen for six weeks.
The good thing is that she's been hospitalized and is getting some attention and treatment. 
Friends, but for the Grace of God, go I. At some point, this poor woman may have started collecting things and fell on hard times and couldn't manage her clutter. From what I can tell there is a fine line between what happens in the brain that causes things to escalate to hoarding. My heart goes out to her as this story causes me to examine my own habits and my concern for others (especially if I have not seen or heard from them in a while). 
Sorry to end on a down note, but sometimes I need a little shock therapy to bring me back to reality.


Cynthia said...

I am SO with you. Andi bought me a book on Feng Shui that I can't begin to use for all the clutter. I went to Barnes and Noble two weeks ago, and the same author's book on Decluttering the Feng Shui Way was also in the remainder bin. So that's where I'm starting in the morning. 5 1/2 hours to declutter the living room and if that goes well, 5 1/2 hours on Sunday tackling my bedroom. Those are the two rooms I spend the most time in. Might as well make the most of this next round of unemployment.

You inspire me. And I like that black & white patent leather bag on the first photo (tho you are probably not selling), the Ballard Design iron metal frame and that purple handbag. But I can't afford anything until I too sell some stuff on Craig's list.

glorystory said...

That's great. Let me tell you, this office/den feels so much better now that there's at least a place to put everything. I need to re-organize the kitchen and then...TACKLE THE GARAGE. (shriek!)

The B&W patent purse is my school book bag but the Fuchsia one's available!