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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Too Hot For Words...

But I've got plenty to say, as always.
With the weather in the high 90's, I've got sweet iced tea and porches on the brain...

mostly because I need something to go with this yummy creation, which I call 
"The BEST"
(Turkey Bacon, Basil, Egg, Spinach, and Tomato)

But because I'm incredibly busy this summer, I don't have time to fix up my screened-in side porch. 
So I've been imagining myself basking in dappled sunlight and a cool breeze with my sweet Iced Tea and sandwich...

Let me pour you some tea while we refresh ourselves on nice porches like these:

click on the photos to make them larger

my friends porch includes an incredible view of the savannah river

Wrap around porches in Savannah

I love this cottage in Palmetto Bluff, SC

A dining porch? Looks so glamorous!

A porch with a view!

I can see how families would want to spend lots of time on the porch

um, can you say 'dreamy'?

I think I might need to move here

Shabby Chic Porch

I spy lemonade and daisies

I spy peaches, lemonade and sunshine

I spy iced-t and watermelon

this porch looks like a renovated version of mine below.
I narrowly missed picking up a free army trunk like this on

 my porch, a few years back, when we had time to enjoy it

Sleeping Porch, The Back Porch, Porch Swing, Pitty Pat's Porch, Portico Porch, Wrap-Around Porch, Screened-in Porch, etc.

I have such fond memories of summers on my Grandma's porch: when my sister and I were little, we'd spend breezy evenings on her screened-in porch. She had a vinyl covered chaise lounge and a giant fan out there and we'd look for fire-flies and sleep in her lap while she told us stories. We'd have picnics out there, complete with crustless PB&J's and sweet iced-tea with fresh mint in jelly glasses (she also used them to occasionally catch a sip of Mogen-David blackberry wine) and she always had the prettiest freshly laundered aprons & linens (some of which I still have...but that's another post entirely!).

I remember a particularly hot humid night, baby sister and I had just had our baths, barefoot in flowery night-gowns, dusty from over-zealous baby powdering, but still wide awake. We came out to the porch, where Grandma had captured lightning bugs in a mason jar with a piece of cheese cloth over the top so they could breath and sat it on the table while she served us some fresh peach ice cream that she'd made that evening. Was she trying to impress us even more? We already thought she was the sweetest angel God ever made but this threw the gates of heaven wide open! Gosh, I must've been no older than 5 and 30(+) years later I get cool just thinking about it.

Alright, now what was I talking about? oh yea, Iced Tea and Porches. (and I'm supposed to be working on a project!)

how ironic that my screensaver is of a shady beach porch!

look at the ice on the surface

Lest you think I'm promoting a diabetic lifestyle I must inform you that I made my tea with a Splenda/sugar blend. (usually I use Stevia only)

By the way, I poured a glass for you too...
I gotta get back to work! Enjoy!

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Dear Sunroom / Screen Porch

These are my new Favorites! She deserves some Sweet Iced Tea!

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ann said...

Sweet, love your site. I had some days on the porch with my grandmother, just like you. Brought back precious memories! Nothing like a cool glass of ice tea on a day like today! Ann T