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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Controlled Chaos

I don't have a lawn...I have a mixture of clover, dandelion, grub, chickweed, pollen and green onion!
I managed to tidy it up a bit, trim it and contemplated torching it for a moment!
Then I decided to dream about a new walkway, painting my trim, a rose garden arbor, and a good-looking gardener! 
Back to reality: I think I may have touched some poison ivy...

 right after a fresh mowing of clover and dandelions. 90% weeds, 10% grass

view from front window

over the last 75 years one of my home's previous owners had a love affair with Pink azaleas! There's an orange bush out back but it hasn't bloomed yet.

then there are the two white 'encore' bushes I brought over from my moms house. She planted them in honor of my grandmother and then I re-planted them in honor of her.

'Mr. blue bird on my shoulder...'
winter pansies are still hanging in there

a friend planted a few iris plants around the base of my huge pine tree many years ago...I'm surprised they came back.

I still have to sweep up those clumps of leaves and pollen and put them on the curb, but it's Day 3 without a car and I've decided that I really don't care if my driveway is clean and beautiful.

 photo on the right posted by cooperbailey on garden web

btw, wouldn't an arbor of climbing roses be nice near the screened porch? that way I could admire them from behind the protection of a SCREEN! (no bees allowed)

I want you to know, I fished this blue gin bottle out of the neighborhood recycling bin and made it into a vase because I loved the color so!
I mean...isn't that what Martha Stewart would do?!

flowers in the neighborhood

some of grandmas roses



Your house is gorgeous!


glorystory said...

Thank You Beach Bungalow, I need to learn some of your gardening tips so I can have a beautiful garden like yours!