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Monday, April 18, 2011

Divine Solar Energy

I've been listening to a soul stirring series on life application over the past month, and with all of the challenges that have come my way lately, a little sunlight and reflection is just what I needed to put things back into perspective and recharge my batteries. Have you ever had one of those weeks? I've had two! 

Now, I'm not looking for pity by any means...I've been blessed with these challenges.
(yeah, I know, doesn't make sense, does it? Just last week I heard myself muttering.."how could Paul possibly say that he REJOICES in every circumstance? Seriously Paul, do you know how much a new timing belt cost?!)
But I have come to learn that these road bumps are actually making me stronger and stronger. Wave after wave hits, then there's some relief and then they start again, but I keep looking up, from where my hope comes. So the painful phone call that I had to make, the distraction of ongoing car troubles, stressful tax and financial issues, two weeks of itchy poison ivy scars that have spread to other parts of my body AND face, the disappointment after disappointment which may have otherwise led me to put my head under the covers and even self medicate (through food), but instead, I chose to look up and literally 'cling' to the word of God, even when lip gloss exploded in my purse and I realized that my shirt was on backwards!
Ha! I just had to laugh and wonder, "WHAT are you trying to show me, Lord? You are my source and my strength and the reason I breathe, but I just don't get it!"

What challenges will this week reveal?
By God's grace, I finally finished my taxes, gave myself a pedicure, lost 23 lbs (since February), got my car back today (it's moving great for an old gal), AND my camera is working again!! So any challenge will pail in comparison to those. As for the other things, I'm trying to think like David when he faced Goliath:
Sun in my face, wind in my hair, I'm packing my sling-shot and stones (and my lip gloss), bravely facing the giants before me, because I know God fights for me!

Looking forward to Easter because my Redeemer LIVES!


In case you missed it, click here for Andy Stanley's Life Apps series.
It's a treat!

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